SuperCopair – Cooperative Live Coding

This project is about a cooperative live coding package using SuperCollider and a cloud service solution, and it can be used to share codes and music in real time with anyone around the world.




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SuperCopair is a new way to integrate cloud computing into a collaborative live coding scenario with minimum efforts in the setup. This package, created in Coffee Script for, is developed to interact with SuperCollider and provide opportunities for the crowd of online live coders to collaborate remotely on distributed performances. Additionally, the package provides the advantages of cloud services offered by Pusher.

Users can share code and evaluate lines or selected portions of code on computers connected to the same session, either at the same place and/or remotely. The package can be used for remote performances or rehearsal purposes with just an internet connection to share code and sounds. In addition, users can take advantage of code sharing to teach SuperCollider online or fix bugs in the algorithm, illustrating the cooperative idea behind the package development.


The package was created based on two other great Atom packages: SuperCollider and AtomPair. You can see more information following the links below:

Supercollider (0.4.2):

AtomPair (0.1.0):

SuperCopair is intended for cooperative live coding using cloud services. In this case, the sync and interaction is provided by Pusher ( You will need to start a session with some friends and code together on the same file. Is it possible to evaluate code and stop music in three different ways:

  • Only on your system;
  • Only on your friends;
  • And on all systems.

You can configure a broadcast alert on the settings, and receive an alert before each external evaluation if you don’t want to accept all broadcast commands.

Did you like the idea? Check the project page and learn how to use:

SuperCopair (


Atom + SuperCollider -
Atom + AtomPair -