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Pure Data Course (Portuguese)

no IME-USP fui convidado a criar um curso voltado para área de computação musical para integrar o conjunto de cursos ...
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from June 1st to June 4th, 2015, I worked as a code concierge during ICOS Big Data Summer Camp at ...
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SuperCopair – Cooperative Live Coding

This project is about a cooperative live coding package using SuperCollider and a cloud service solution, and it can be used to ...
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"Hoketus" by DJ / André Damião This mobile music project is using Wi-Fi and 3G inspired by the  Louis Andriessen's ...
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An Android application that helps you to use sensors values from your mobile device to control Pure Data patches in ...
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"Touches On The Line"

“Touches On The Line”

"Touches on the line" is my first project with CSound and Android devices, and was present during International Csound Conference ...
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PD + RoR

Mobile music using RoR web server, Android and PD

It is just a proof of concept project for my research about mobile music with Android and web servers. Technologies ...
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Música e Mídia

Vejam os resultados da pesquisa referente ao ano de 2012 ...
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APPneia project

This project is based on diagnosing sleep apnea based on snoring sound. I am working on an Android app that ...
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8th place at UCR Insect Classification Contest

This contest aims to find the best similarity measure for detecting insects by analyzing flight sound. I've sent a simple ...
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Mobile Hearing Aid

As I am a little deaf and a mobile application developer, I think I can create my own hearing aid ...
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Composer Identification using PPM

Melodic and Rhythmic Pattern Analysis Using Prediction by Partial Matching (PPM)

This project analyses composer identification through melodic and rhythmic pattern recognition using Markov Model. It was the main research project ...
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Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking with Magnetic Tracker on CyberMed

During my undergraduate years, my scientific initiation project was conducted at LabTEVE (Laboratory of Technologies for Virtual Teaching and Statistics) on ...
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