Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking with Magnetic Tracker on CyberMed

CyberMedDuring my undergraduate years, my scientific initiation project was conducted at LabTEVE (Laboratory of Technologies for Virtual Teaching and Statistics) on bachelor’s Computer Science program at UFPB, Brazil. In this lab, I worked as a developer member of CyberMed project, and integrated magnetic tracker to CyberMed framework.

Laboratory of Technologies for Virtual Teaching and StatisticsThe CyberMed project is intended to develop and integrate a set of libraries to provide fast development of VR applications for medical purposes. Such libraries can be used together or individually. Integrated as a framework, Cybermed offers complete synchronization between the several tasks chosen by their user (programmer).

In this project, I developed the modules and classes to support the integration of magnetic tracker to CyberMed, create some demo application, and tried to evaluate user’s experience.

CybTracker classes structure after Magnetic Tracker integration
CyberMed - CybTracker Classes

The tests have been done using the motion tracking system Flock of Birds (FOB), from Ascension Technology Corporation. This device offers 6 degrees-of-freedom with a long-range coverage. The FOB integration with CyberMed has adopted the libfob library in order to facilitate the communication and predispose easy upgrade.

Flock of Birds used to test the integration
Flock of Birds


Liliane dos Santos Machado

More information about the CyberMed project:

Source code: 

Carvalho Jr., A.D.; Souza, D.F.L.; Machado, L.S. “Integração de Rastreadores Magnéticos a um Framework para Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Realidade Virtual“. In: Proc. XXXV Conferencia Latinoamericana de Informática (CLEI2009), Pelotas/RS, Brazil. 2009

Carvalho Jr, A.D.; Souza, D.F.L.; Machado, L.S. “Utilização de Rastreadores Magnéticos no Desenvolvimento de Aplicações com Realidade Virtual para a Educação“. In: Anais do Workshop de Realidade Virtual e Aumentada (WRVA 2009), Santos, SP, Brazil. 2009

Awarded 3rd place in the category PANEL during III Workshop de TI,  at Centro Universitário de João Pessoa (UNIPÊ), João Pessoa, PB, Brazil. 2009