8th place at UCR Insect Classification Contest

This contest aims to find the best similarity measure for detecting insects by analyzing flight sound. I’ve sent a simple idea and got the 8th place with a final score 0.7429%, while the first place has reached 0.7901% of accuracy.

The Contest:

Here you can see the (unofficial) results:

My code in Matlab:

function this_distance = USP_DJ( unknown, compare_to_this)
% This is the entry of DJ to the UCR insect classification contest
% Team is Antonio Deusany de Carvalho Junior (DJ).
% Contact info is dj@ime.usp.br

wave1fft = abs(fft(unknown));
wave2fft = abs(fft(compare_to_this));
this_distance = sum( abs(wave1fft – wave2fft ) );